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I have been playing Empire Avenue quite a bit, which bases your stock price on your Social Media and on-site activity.  As such, I am constantly looking at my share price and thinking about what it means. At the same time, I had a customer ask me if there were ways to get analytics about your twitter account. So, I went looking.  I found this list: Top 100 Twitter Tools and Ultimate List Twitter Tools I immediately signed myself up for each one, here are the results:

Empire Avenue

82.87 eaves/share

275 overall total wealth

Twitter Grader

Rank 41,088 out of 10,167,587, Grade 100


  • Ranked 21,621st on! (by followers)
  • Ranked 38th in their location on twitaholic! (by followers in ‘Denver, CO‘)

Twitter Counter

#43,218(43,194 yesterday)

Tweet Stats

I use tweetdeck and talk mostly in the morning. I also average 13.3 tweets per day.


Matt Bernier has 17,177 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 515,310 Seconds or 8,589 Minutes or 143.14 Hours or 5.96 Days using Twitter!
Hey, you. Ye with 5.96 days of Tweets. Breathe once in a while!

Retweet Rank

Retweet rank: 175,516 – approx 94.85 percentile


No ratings, I am neither hot nor cold


Average Updates Per day: 14.98 or 706.06 milliscobles


32 degrees F, 0 c – I am ice cold

Tweet Sentiments

Index[0-100]: 54.30
Positive: 30
Negative: 22
Neutral: 41
Total Analyzed: 93

 Xefer / Twitter Charts

I have no idea.


I tweet mostly on Tuesday, my top word is “your” and I bother these people the most:  @TJKimberly, @yosoykia, @tjkimberly, @aaronkwhite, @BizCoachDeb  (notice that they don’t take capitalization into account)

Twitalyzer and the Dashboard

Lots and Lots of data


Score of 60

Sites that didn’t work for me at all: – mysql table missing error – mysql failed error


In summary, I don’t think any of it means anything. It’s kind of fun to see what people rank you on though!

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