We’re having a baby

My wife, Melissa, is pregnant and due at the end of October. Due dates are laughable, because I don’t know anyone who was actually born on their due date or had their kid on that day. Or at least, no one is admitting it. I am convinced this kid is happening on Halloween, which is pretty freaking awesome!

Since I like the internets and really like to take pictures, share everything (more than I should) on Social Media outlets, and I love me some WordPress I decided to make a site dedicated to the baby and everything that is happening in preparation for it (we don’t know the gender yet). Yes, we will find out – because it makes things so much easier when you can plan for them.

The website is http://ourlilpumpkin.wordpress.com. You will find pictures from the sonograms, Melissa’s baby bump pics, and whatever else we put up there. I hope you like it and if you don’t then fuck off and don’t waste my time with your asshatery. I know some people don’t care for babies, but when it comes to my kid and my wife you can keep your mouth shut or I can shut it for you. 😉

Anyways, be sure to say Congrats to Melissa and send her cool stuff like ice cream in the mail, so she can fulfill every craving to her heart’s content.

Oh yeah, and wish this baby good luck, especially since I’m “supposedly” the daddy and who the hell knows what sort of craziness will happen in this house once it’s born. Good luck little baby, you’re going to need it! <mischievous smiley face />

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  • http://www.damondnollan.com Damond Nollan

    Congratulations, Matt!

  • http://www.RiskyStartup.com/ Mr Risky Startup

    Congrats. Advice from a recent father – print and place this on the visible place at your house “DID I TAKE ANY PICTURES OF MY CHILD TODAY?” or “WHAT COOL HAPPENED TODAY? DID I DOCUMENT IT?”.

    First 12 weeks of parenting is positively insane – you sometimes forget to take a break and document your special moments and in those first days, there is something new every day. 

    And while it is very hard, it is also the most rewarding thing a person can do – first time your child smiles back at you makes it all worth it.

    Good luck!

    • http://mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

      Thanks! We got a new camera just for this purpose, because we want to share with family and record all the special moments that we can.

      • http://www.RiskyStartup.com/ Mr Risky Startup

        We did the same, but we still catch ourselves forgetting to use the equipment :)

        Or even worse, forgetting to take our camera with us when we go somewhere…

      • http://www.RiskyStartup.com/ Mr Risky Startup

        Sorry to post again – should have thought about everything before posting :)

        Once you have the name picked, see if NAME.me domain is available for your child. My son already owns his (4 letter) name domain in .ME version. Thanks to the fact that I managed Internet company from the early days, I got my own (5-letter) name .COM and my namesakes are emailing me every month begging me to sell them my domain, in some cases for 5-figure sums :)

        Good investment if available.

        • http://mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

          Owning the domain name is definitely on my list – as I would have loved to have my full name, no initials as a domain!