What book do you turn to?

My Grandma is an amazing lady who I am able to have some amazing conversations with.  I look forward to times when we get to chat, whether in person, on the phone or even over email.  BTW, my Grandma was the first person I knew to own a Mac and who, even though she pretends to not know, I think secretly knows more about Macs than me.

Recently, she asked me a question which I figured I would pose to you,

Have you ever been overwhelmed with life & going through a time of extreme distress when getting engaged in a book was the only time you could get your mind off of what was traumatizing you?

I would love to hear what your answer to this question is.

Mine is that I have not specifically been in so much distress that I was looking for an outlet like a good book, I have a tendency to read books to get away from reality for a while and so that I can let my mind wander on its own, without the stresses of work and real life guiding it.  However, when I do get a little stressed or disillusioned by work, owning a business, or not being as accomplished as I had hoped by this time, I turn to books of the “self-help for entrepreneurs” genre.  These are books like “Crush it!”, “The 4 hour work week”, “Start Small, Stay Small” and a myriad of others which all basically have the same message, which is “keep on trucking, try this idea out, but ultimately do what you love and keep your ass moving.”  This is what I need from time to time, as well as whatever really cool ideas I get from these guys who are where I want to be.

Please share your thoughts and ideas, I really do want to read about what it is that you read and why.

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