What do your ProbableFollow.com stats mean?

So, when I built ProbableFollow.com it was perfectly clear to me why I was building it.  It seems that maybe I live in my own little bubble where flowers bloom, the sun rises every day, and as I skip and whistle through the forest while all the wonderful animals harmonize with me.

It turns out that my idea has caused some controversy and some very confused tweeple.  Some people seem to think that I am making a statement and pushing my non-twitter-purist ideals on them because they have a low follow back probability.  Some people seem to think that I am aggrandizing those that follow everyone back, just because I put the 98%+ crowd on the homepage.

So, I will explain what your percentage means, from my point of view:

0% – You never follow anyone – OR – follow so few people relative to those that follow you that it doesn’t even register as a single percent – OR – you are really popular (@aplusk) and there is no way you could ever want to, need to, or think about following all those people back.

1%-10% – There is a good chance you have not discovered TweetDeck, or figured out all the filtering options – OR – You are a person who believes that you should only follow people you know who are good friends. “Following anyone else would cause too much noise” – OR – you are really popular (@aplusk) and there is no way you could ever want to, need to, or think about following all those people back.

11%-35% – You are careful about who you follow and probably often remove people who are too noisy (like @guykawasaki) or who do not contribute anything to your day, knowledge of the world, etc.

36%-60% -You are either careful who you follow and haven’t cleaned up the riff-raff yet – OR – just started using an auto-follow app/site.

61%-80% – I have found that when I was in this percentile, I was following more people than who followed me and was stuck at the following limits that Twitter imposes (they typically allow a 10% difference) – OR – you went on a following rampage, hoping to get more followers.

If you are pushing the following limits and want some more freedom, I suggest using Dossy’s Twitter Karma and unfollowing some people.

81%-95% – You probably have an auto-follow app running on your account, you probably follow people when they talk to you, you know what TweetDeck is and you use it religiously.

96%-99.4% – You find it very important to follow people back and typically stay on top of making sure that everyone who follows is followed back.  Probably, you were actually working and got behind on your following, or it is Follow Friday.

99.5%-100% – This is a special place that is hard to stay in.  You are religious about following everyone back – OR – you never follow anyone unless they follow you – OR – you stay on top of cleaning house when someone doesn’t return the favor.


If you don’t like these descriptions or agree with them, please tell me why in the comments below.

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  • http://www.BumperTunes.com Calvin Lotz

    Nice… this is very helpful to define the data people are misinterpreting.

    I’m sure many people can recall going on a following rampage. haha!

    • http://www.mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

      That is exactly what I was hoping. However, it seems that I still need more information on the site itself.

  • Shelbygrrl

    This was somewhat helpful, but there isn’t a definition to explain why I rate only 99.5% when I’m following 100% of my tweeps. Interesting that you can’t rate the people shown on the homepage… must be a pay for play thing.

    • http://www.mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

      It is definitely not a “pay for play” thing. Currently, there are no charge-for-use options on ProbableFollow. Also, the percentages are raw data that is generated from Twitter, I will never charge people to show an incorrect percentage.

      What I have seen when people are following 100% back but ProbableFollow.com shows less than this is one of two things:
      1) Someone followed you while the percentage was being calculated
      2) You have requested to follow a private feed and they have not approved you yet.

      Both of these have happened to me repeatedly.