What is happening to my Google Calendar?

All of a sudden on Dec 15th I started seeing some really crazy events showing up on my Google Calendar:

All I could think was that one of two things had to be going on:

  1. Some calendar software I am using had a “funny” developer
  2. Someone was messing with me

I disregarded the first couple events, but here it is February and this stuff is still showing up on my calendar. Now, this would not be too much of a worry except that it was showing up on my work calendar and my boss started asking questions. There was an event that was nothing but the word “Fuck”, I quickly deleted it upon my boss discovering it.

Then my brain-switch kicked on (must have been the coffee) and I realized that not only have these crazy events been showing up in my calendar, but I have not been getting the SMS event reminders I should be getting. Ding! I went and checked my SMS settings on the Google Calendar and my old phone number was in there.

So, for 3 months some poor guy who got my old phone number has been getting the equivalent of a collections-agency-annoyance from his new number. Unfortunately, I had that number for 13 years, so he is probably also getting random phone calls from people looking for me. I tried to remember to switch everything over but there are some things you just forget.

Here’s to the guy who got my old number, and here’s to hopefully solving the problem so I don’t get some random dude showing up ready to kill me. If you know him, tell him I’m sorry and buy him a beer.

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