Why I bought The Startup Shirt

I recently purchase The Startup Shirt.  This is a company that I helped to start in 2011 with some great friends.  We built The Startup Shirt on the premise of helping startups to get the swag they need in order to help get the word out and say thanks to all the people who help them along the way.  I love this model!

I bought this company, because I believe in the concept and I love t-shirts. My favorite swag from conferences, meetups, and events are always the t-shirts. Not only that, but my wife looks awesome in startup t-shirts. So far, I think my favorite shirt that I grabbed for her is Mode Set’s “Talk Nerdy To Me”. Every time she wears it, I start reciting resumes I memorized and she just rolls her eyes at me. It’s bliss, you don’t even know.

Anyways, I believe in helping out startups. They are the future of their industry (notice how I didn’t just say tech) and they thrive on and in the community where they are located.

Shirts are great for two reasons:

  1. When you get a shirt, you are forever grateful and remember the name of the company who gave it to you. (Especially when they are awesome polyblend shirts)
  2. When you wear the shirt, you are a walking billboard for the company. Marketing is all about Eyeballs. There’s no better way to be seen than having awesome people wearing your awesome shit.

If you mention this post to me when you order the shirts, I will take 5% off your total order.

I am excited to not only feature the shirts that we create, but the awesome shirts that we get from everyone else. Why? Because I love startups, I love this community, and if I can show off their shirt and kick them a free link back to their company then I’m going to do that!

If I can help you out in some way with your t-shirt needs or if you know someone who could use some shirts, please tell me.

Thanks so much for you constant support and feedback. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the new website and my mission with this project.

As far as all the other ideas I have been working on and thinking about? They are all on hold, unless they are almost done (i.e. my Good Eats site). This is because I want to focus on providing the best quality product by learning as much as I can about this industry and providing shirts in the most cost and time effective ways possible.

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